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A Righteous Thing — 2 Comments

  1. I too experienced insomnia. It was spiritual warfare since childhood and lasted until I married in 2011. When I tried to sleep I had to constantly pray, and then when CDs came out I played a Bible CD on repeat every night. Most of the warfare from my youth was gnostic lies trying to make me question if Yahweh was really the bad one. After I married, I was persecuted by my RC in laws who never bothered to fellowship with me or get to know me. Many horrible things were said about me, very petty, nasty things. I prayed for them until they defiantly said they were good and didn’t need to change. I wasn’t even trying to get them to. Conviction. I wasn’t trying because one of them pulled a knife on my husband during an argument. We shook the dust from our feet and moved away and moved on. Years passed and one of them visited us and came to my church when they were in town AND took notes of the service. I’ve read some of the responses to your articles and some of those people are just as angry, petty and judgmental as my inlaws were. Prayer said for you tonight.

    • Thanks for your testimony, Francisco. I pray for my Roman Catholic in-laws constantly, especially my wife. Thanks for your prayers, and God bless you.