I am a Christian preacher, evangelist, writer, missionary, and former member of the U.S. Armed forces with a background in intelligence and foreign languages. I found the Lord Jesus Christ in September 2005, and my life has never been the same. I founded the Gospel Light and Truth Crusade for the purpose of evangelizing Roman Catholics and awaking Protestants.

The name The Still Man was taken from The Mayor of Casterbridge, a novel by Thomas Hardy. Briefly, the title character wants his rival, a young man named Henchard, followed. So, he hires a rather seedy fellow named Jopp for this task. Hardy describes Jopp thus:


“Jopp, who, standing hands-pocketed at the street corner till the sun had faded the shoulders of his coat to scarecrow green, had regularly watched Henchard in the market place, measured him, and learnt him, by virtue of the power which The Still Man has in his stillness of knowing the busy one better than he knows himself.” [CAPS added.]


You’re probably wondering how this applies to me. Well, the short version is as follows:

After I got saved in 2005, I began almost immediately to evangelize Roman Catholics by passing out Chick gospel tracts in Munich, Germany, where my family and I lived. And, almost immediately, I began to experience some very strange occurrences in my life.  Click the links at the end of this page to read more about this.

In 2008, I moved back to the United States with my children to my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. At this point, I must explain that I did this unbeknownst to my wife. The reason I did this was to protect my children spiritually; for my wife is a Roman Catholic, and Munich, Germany is a Roman Catholic city. If you are a born-again, Bible-believing Christian, who knows something about the true nature of Roman Catholicism, then you understand why this is significant.

In August 2009, the St. Louis Circuit Court granted my wife permission to take the children back to Germany. Shortly thereafter, I resumed my evangelistic activities in St. Louis, and the same things that had happened in Munich began to happen to me in St. Louis. At some point in 2010, I realized that I was being spied upon intensely by my neighbors, and that the things that were happening to me were part of a highly organized and very sophisticated campaign of harassment. I was being persecuted. It must be added that the neighborhood in which I lived was an old traditionally Irish Roman Catholic neighborhood. In fact, St. Louis is so Roman Catholic, that it is called “The Rome of the West.”

When I realized what was happening to me and why, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to study my tormentors. It was about this same time that I came across the above passage from The Mayor of Casterbridge. I realized that, like the character Henchard from the book, I was so busy living my life, that I paid little attention to what was going on around me. In that the Bible commands Christians to “watch in all things,” I understood that my ignorance of my surroundings and of the enemy was actually a form of disobedience. I therefore purposed in my heart to become as the character Jopp in Casterbridge, and study the enemy as intently as he studied me. I became The Still Man. In the process of time, I came to understand the enemy so well, that I often found that I could anticipate his actions as well as he could anticipate mine.

The Lord Jesus matured me and enabled me to withstand the intense persecution, while opening my understanding of the Scriptures. Gradually, I came to see and understand how a great many events covered in the media, were actually the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy. My “research,” if you will, into the motivations and tactics of the enemy, prompted me to create The Still Man blog, which was my first ministry endeavor.

The primary reason I started the blog was to attempt to tell the story of my persecution, which involves not only surveillance and harassment, but also the use of very sophisticated technology against my body. I believe this technology to be what is known as electro-magnetic resonance (EMR), directed energy, or frequency weapons. I won’t go into the specific effects these weapons have on my body, but suffice it to say that they are very effective. One effect that I will mention is an increase in pulmonary secretions. There are times when my lungs literally fill with blood for no apparent reason and without any sort of trauma.

The enemy also deploys technology which, I believe, enables them to monitor me remotely. I believe this technology involves, but is not necessarily limited to, monitoring my brainwave activity, probably via remote EEG (I believe this technology does exist). This technology is often employed in concert with a campaign of sleep deprivation. We are in a war, saints.

Because of the nature, sophistication, and intensity of my persecution, I not only wanted to relate my experiences, but also to find out if there were others who were experiencing persecution of this nature. I found out that there are, in fact, others like me.

But Jesus not only wanted me to give my testimony. He wanted me to have a ministry.

I am married and have seven children.

To read more about my struggles with the forces of darkness, click here and here.  

Be encouraged and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man