The Gospel Light And Truth Crusade started in February 2011 as The Still Man Blog ( The ministry’s name is loosely based on an organization founded by Protestant evangelist and author, Monica Farrell. A converted Roman Catholic, Ms. Farrell well understood the spiritual darkness in which Roman Catholics live, and the false doctrines and man-made traditions of Rome that corrupt the simple faith in the work of Jesus, and keep the Roman Catholic imprisoned in fear and ignorance. Her burden for lost Roman Catholics led Ms. Farrell and like-minded Christians to found The Light and Truth Gospel Crusade in Dublin, Ireland, a “mission for the conversion of Roman Catholics and the awakening of Protestants.”

Evangelist Keeton read two books by Ms. Farrell that greatly affected his understanding of the world and changed the direction and purpose of his ministry. The first was Ravening Wolves, a book that documents the bloody campaign of Roman Catholic Action and the USTACHI to exterminate the Orthodox Serb population in the Independent State of Croatia during WWII. Ravening Wolves revealed a side of the Roman Catholic institution that is more sinister and far bloodier than that which is commonly found in history books and portrayed in the media. The second was From Rome to Christ, which is the personal testimony of Monica Farrell. Ms. Farrell’s testimony revealed the extent to which Roman Catholics have been deceived by “another Jesus, another spirit, and another gospel,” and helped Keeton to understand and appreciate the deep spiritual depravity, fear, lack of joy, and sense of hopelessness that characterizes the life of the average Roman Catholic.

Keeton was already aware of the true nature of Rome from the testimony of avowed former Jesuit priest, Dr. Alberto Rivera, as told in the Chick Crusader series of comic tracts, written by late evangelical publisher, Jack Chick; and the book, Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, by former Roman Catholic priest, Charles Chiniquy. Together with the information provided by Ms. Farrell, these works deepened Keeton’s understanding of the determination of Rome to destroy the Christian Church and the Protestant Reformation. Evangelist Keeton also had personal experience with the tactics of the Roman Catholic church, having been persecuted by them for more than twenty years, for this efforts to reach Roman Catholics and warn the body of Christ.

In his research, Evangelist Keeton found that the moral decay of the United States was deliberately caused by the Roman Catholic Church, and that the undermining of the Constitution and our sacred institutions as well as the gradual erosion of our precious liberties is part of a Roman Catholic coup designed to supplant our government with an occult theocracy where the worship of Jesus Christ will be outlawed. Keeton learned that the Roman Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon, the Great Whore of Revelation 17. The Antichrist is Pope Benedict XVI, the False Prophet is Pope Francis, and the Abomination of Desolation is the Virgin Mary. Shocked by these revelations, Keeton felt a burden to share this information with the world; and, to this end, founded The Gospel Light And Truth Crusade.

The Gospel Light and Truth Crusade is in no way affiliated with Monica Farrell, her organization, estate, or any other organization or ministry, other than the Body of Christ, that Ms. Farrell may have founded, belonged to, or been affiliated with in any way. We merely endeavor to carry on the spirit of Ms. Farrell’s work, which is in keeping with the Great Commission; and we credit her as the inspiration for our organization’s name and partial mission focus. As the Lord Jesus Christ endorsed the ministry of John the Baptist by saying that there was no prophet born of a woman greater than him, so we hope to ensure that through our name and by our efforts, the vital work and ministry of Monica Farrell and her burden for her beloved Roman Catholics and her efforts for the cause of Truth should never be forgotten.

May the mercy, grace, and peace of God though our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

The Still Man