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Beast Watch: Pope Francis Pays Homage To The Statue of the Immaculate Conception — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent article. I, too, have felt this Pope is to be the False Prophet of Revelation, since his election was first announced. There is a “coldness” about him, and a sense that he’s simply “going through the motions” of his office as Pope, while his heart is “far from” Christ and things pertaining to Him. The statements he makes with any “passion” at all seem to come from the enemy’s camp more than from the Word of God. I find it very disturbing that most Roman Catholics see nothing at all “wrong” or “off” there,and support his papacy unquestioningly, even given how they were raised, mostly. I just can’t understand how the dichotomy doesn’t “jar” them enough to wonder, at least, when his pronouncements sound more worldly or diabolical than Godly, repeatedly.

    • Sandra, when you consider that Pope Francis is a Jesuit–an organization formed as part of the Counter Reformation for the express purpose of destroying Christianity, then it is no wonder he is so cold: the warmth of the Lord Jesus has never touched him. You should read the oath of the Jesuits, if you would like further insight.

      It is also no wonder that Roman Catholics support his papacy, because, once a Roman Catholic is confirmed, he is sworn to obey his priests and his pope, whether he likes them or not; and he is forbidden to question their authority. I don’t doubt that many Roman Catholics know that Pope Francis is not a sincere man; but, under the circumstances, they don’t dare make mention of it.