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  1. i recently came across this video it is very touching and sweet it tells us even if were the kindes person in the world we all have to execpt our lord jesus crist as our lord and savoir and ask him to come into our heart and clean us of our sins

    god bless you


  2. i just wanted to thank you for responding to my email sorr that they tend to be very long i tend to get carried away when i get exicted, im taking your advice and stop doubting my self, i have not drawn in a long time and yester day i drew 3 very good pictures i was suprised on how good they were and i showed my mother and she loved them, makes me feel stupid that i doubted the gift that god gave me i was foolish to think i was not good enghof to be a artist

    !!!!PRAISE JESUS!!!!

    Sean B

  3. sorry that i keep emailing you, and that my emails can be way to long i think its cool having someone to talk to outside my imdeadt family and friens

    btw thank you again

    !!!praise jesus!!!

    sean b

  4. hey i sent you a quate from the bible i was looking for this recently took me awhile to word it right but it makes me think of how children precive the world

  5. I wanted to thank you and jesus, its allmost been a whole weeek since you prayed to help me with pornography, i feel clean and pure a whole week, thats allot to me, ima see if i can go for the whole month.

    praise jesus

    sean b

    • I’ve been in prayer for you, Sean, that God would give you the strength to resist Satan in that regard. You can go a whole month and much, much longer, if you will keep leaning on Jesus to help you though this. I’m a witness.

  6. Hey stillman I was wondering my mom had a dream a long time ago when my nonnie died my mother was very very depressed she had a dream where she saw my grandmother covered head to toe in blood I don’t remeber the whole story but the blood was washed clean by water and she said to my mom Jesus took my mother becuase he loved her. What do you think?

    Obtw she died of cancer I think in 1999
    And I think great grandma died in the 60s she died of a heart attack

    • I don’t have the gift to interpret dreams, Sean, so I don’t know what to think of it, only than to say that, according to the Bible, only those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will see heaven. If your grandmother had that, then she’s in heaven. That is why I do what I do: to get people to understand that it is only through accepting the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary and by keeping His commandments, among which is “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…Thou shalt not bow down to them, nor serve them” (Exodus 20).

  7. My grandmother had a very deep conection to jesus, so I know she is in heavan maybe Jesus sent mom that dream to console her telling her that her mother was in a better place with our lord and that he took her because he loved her

  8. Today i had sinned i gave into my desires, recetnly i had a ton of poisen ivy on my body and i haave been under allot of stress, I now deep in my heart that the devil took advantage of my stress and i sinned and gave into temptaion. I thought i would feel better if i let my self go, but after the deed was done i feel dirty and unclean
    After im done typing this im going to pray for forgiveness. But i wrote a short story i thought you might like it. i got the idea from a picture.

    • The Lonely Soul
      The old man closed his eyes as his mind began to go dark, the old man awoke all alone on a dark and lonely road, the land was barren and dead, the old man got up and began to walk. As he walked all he could here was his footsteps, clunk, the man went as he walked on the cobblestone path. He looked on past the path and all he could see was darkness and a bleak landscape. He walked on and on not seeing a living thing….
      He walked further and further, as he walked he gazed upon a single white daisy, the man gazed at it for the longest time, he picked the flower and it withered to dust in his hands, the old man felt sad, the old man dropped the remains of the once beautiful white daisy, and walked on all alone.
      He walked further down the cobblestone road all alone, as he walked the dark clouds started to receded and he could see the sky and could see a meadow, he walked further into the green meadow and could hear a familiar melody. He began to follow the melody deeper into the meadow.
      There he came across a man, playing a soothing melody, the old man asked why do you play that melody, the man playing the flute began to laugh “why it fills me with joy that I can play my flute” The old man was puzzled, but was tired so he sat down to listen to the music the man played. Hours went by and the old man fell asleep. When he awoke he was all alone…..
      He got up and walked back onto the path…as he walked he saw clear skies, and an endless field of green grass and flowers. The air smelt like fresh honey and roses. The man continued to walk on the road, then suddenly he became lonely…very lonely. He began to cry, he cried harder than his entire lifetime. Then he heard a kind voice, “why do you cry little one” the strange voice said” because I am all alone, I have always been alone.” The man with the kind voice laughed and said” “sweet child you were never alone, you just never realized it.” What do you mean said the old man, the man with the kind voice took his hand and led him to a small pond, the kind voice told him to look into the pond and see his inner self. As he gazed upon the water he saw not an old and feeble man, but a sad and innocent boy.
      The man with the kind voice told him that all his life he never realized that he was never alone. The little boy began to cry again, the man with the kind voice took his hand and walked with him down the green path, as they walked the little boy asked the kind voiced man “are you goanna leave me too”….the man with the kind voice smiled and said “No I never have and never will leave your side” the little boy said “you never left me?” the kind voiced man said “no”. The boy smiled and held onto the kind voiced mans hand as they walked down a clean road. For the first time the little boy did not feel alone and finally realized he never was alone at all.

      • Wow! I really liked that, Sean! You’ve got a great imagination, and your writing’s not to shabby. You ought to keep that up. I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna edit this piece for punctuation, grammar, and readability, and I’m gonna post it, because it’s good. There are a lot of hurting people in the world, Sean, and you could really lift someone’s spirit with this. So, you can look to see it in a few days. Good stuff!

    • Sean, Paul said that what he wanted to do, he couldn’t do, and what he didn’t want to do, he found himself doing. Yet, he knew that at the end of the day, it was not him that was sinning, “but sin that liveth in [him].” In other words, it was his flesh, not his spirit that caused him to sin. The devil will win some battles, Sean. But the important thing is to confess it and keep fighting, and not give place to guilt. Guilt will hold you back. But “godly sorrow leadeth to repentance,” which leads to confession. You’ve already done that. Just keep handing in there, buddy.

  9. Brother stillman i recently came apon a artical about angelica zambrano, and what she saw in hell, i was first amazed by what she saw, and was wondering what you opion would be about her seeing jesus.

    some of the stuff she said was rather interesting, but some made no sence, but it did define a definte answer no jesus no saving.

  10. Hi there,
    In my mothers side of the family there’s been a lot of relatives dying on other relatives birthdays over a period of 40 years I’m just wondering you think about this because as you can imagine it’s incredibly upsetting what’s your opinion on this please?

    Kind regards

    • Hi, Helena. If you’re wondering if something like this could be a generational curse, I would have to say that I don’t know. Generational curses are punishment for sin; so, usually, the curse will have something to do with the original sin. You may want to consider the possibility that someone in your lineage may have done something particularly troubling on another’s birthday, and that perhaps what is happening in your family may be punishment for that act. I’m sorry that I could not be of more help to you, but I hope that I’ve at least given you something to consider that may be a launchpad for further investigation. I would be interested to know what you find out, so if you want to keep me in the loop, that would be just fine.

      God bless you and yours.

  11. Catholics do not believe the Virgin Mary is a Goddess (you may have confused it with Wiccan beliefs). Catholics believe The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of God, Jesus Christ our Savior. We pray to the Blessed Mother and the Saints for their intercession ( we are asking them to pray for us to the Lord our God. Please correct this misunderstanding.

    • Hi, Theresa. I appreciate your comment. Actually, there are some Catholics who know that the Virgin Mary is the Goddess, and at least one Catholic I know of actually has a website where he talks about that very thing. Because 99% of what Roman Catholics believe about the Virgin Mary is extra-biblical (one source is “The Glories of Mary” by St. Liguori), the thinking person must come to the conclusion that the Virgin Mary of Catholicism cannot be the biblical Mary, the mother of Jesus.

      Regarding praying to the Virgin Mary and saints for intercession, this goes against the Bible, as it teaches that “there is only one God and One Mediator between God and men: the Man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5). If Jesus is the only Mediator between us and the Father, why does Roman Catholicism insert Mary in the Saints between mankind and Jesus Christ?

      Please understand, Theresa, that I am not trying to defame Catholics. It’s Roman Catholic teaching that I have a problem with, because it goes against the Word of God. I pray that you will consider this, and if the Spirit leads you, seek the Truth out for yourself. God bless you.


  12. I just wanted to thank you for your series regarding blacks in the Bible, and their relationship to Israel in antiquity. I refer to it often. The global consequences of colonialism and imperialism have made it more and more acceptable to hate on darker-skinned people in general, and on those from the African diaspora specifically. This is not limited to issues of racism and police brutality in the U.S., or the impotence of the American white evangelical church to acknowledge or repent of its racial sins. There are news reports of African students being abused in places like India and Brazil. I won’t even bother to detail the abuse of African Jews in Israel right now. It is disheartening, and natural to question what the black man has done to earn this level of hatred and contempt worldwide. I question God why He allows it to continue unabated. So thank you for your perspective. It is an encouragement and helps me keep my eyes focused on God. May the Lord bless you for sharing your insight.

  13. I have had personal experiences from MK Ultra tactics in my headphones at work, to bugging to remote viewing and ELF waves to RNM issues due to family heritage and involvement with the intelligence community via relationships – I think I married into it, then later got involved in an affair with a person who trained me. When he told me that Lucifer was Jesus’ brother and I told him that it was a lie, my “training” was up and I was turned over to others in the network. I have met with people – whom I did not tell – say to me that MK Ultra is still very much in practice and that I had experienced it. I understand your trials very, very well. There has been lots of occultic activity and it seems as though I am entirely surrounded by it. Everything is monitored, but I would appreciate being able to discuss experiences and counterattack ops with someone who knows how to fight it. Thank you for your blog, thank you for your life in Christ and most of all, thank you for being steadfast in the face of immense opposition.

    • You are very welcome, Elizabeth, and thank you for your testimony. I am not aware of any counterattack ops against what I am experiencing. What I do know is that it is so insidious and diabolical, that only Satan could have come up with it; and, if Satan came up with it, then it is, by definition satanic. Because it is satanic, then only Jesus can defeat it. In spiritual things, you cannot “fight fire with fire,” as you risk becoming the very thing you are fighting. The Bible says that we are not to overcome evil with evil, but we are to overcome evil with good. My “counterattack ops” therefore, are to just do what Jesus told me to do. I stay in prayer, I stay in the Word of God, I tell the truth, and I love my enemies, which includes giving them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      It is also very important to always keep in mind that the goal of mind control is, as B.F. Skinner said, to control your actions, by controlling your environment: they act, you react, and then they act again based on your reaction. The key then, is to remember what the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12:2: “Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This is the best advice I can give you with respect to mind control. ACT, NOT REACT. When you react, you are conforming, and are, therefore, being controlled. But, when you act, then you are not only being transformed, as the Apostle said, but you are also transforming others. And that is precisely what Christians are supposed to do.

      You said it seems that you are entirely surrounded by occult activity, and it makes sense that you would feel that way, as mind control is most successful if the target is made to feel that he is surrounded by it. You should use this fact to your advantage. Understand that the Christian is most effective when he feels he is totally outnumbered and completely outgunned. It is only when he feels completely alone and that he can trust no one, that he will lean on and trust in the only ONE whom he really should be leaning on and trusting in–the Lord Jesus Christ.

      That is the way I combat evil. I hope that I have been of some help to you. God bless you.


  14. Hello Still Man, I hope today has favored you and your family. I just discovered your site this morning and read your report on Breaking Generational Curses including the comments and your responses. I am grateful that the Holy spirit led me here. I spent my night looking through reports, videos, books, etc on information about generational curses because for maybe a few years now I’ve been wondering if that is what I am dealing with – that or I’m crazy lol. I am 22 by the way. Also, I hope my feelings and thoughts don’t sound like I’m putting you in a position of counseling.

    Lately, or for the past year, I feel like my spirit, emotional level, and my mind has REALLY spoiled and deteriorated even my body(no diseases or illnesses) just major fatigue, headaches and random body aches. At first I figured it was a feminine thing nothing major because I know women are the weaker vessel and I concluded I was just emotional and sensitive and it would go away. Later I figured okay, maybe I’m depressed and that’s why I’m still feeling these tings. As time passed with prayer, fellowship, and making a conscious decision to practice a better mentality I would feel relief for a day or two and then struggle for that relief feeling on the daily. It was never consistent. I had anxiety, sadness, confusion, worry, beating myself up, very hard to believe even the smallest things, I was questioning the word of The Most High for myself, fear was suffocating me, self loathing felt like my identity, trust was becoming difficult, and then bits of anger started to show itself in me. It was scary to consider but I thought I could have a mental problem because I didn’t feel normal anymore. I felt like something else and a failure. This was ongoing and things felt out of my control at this point. More time past and I literally felt heavy with these issues. My soul felt corrupted. My body was fatigued and my chest felt like it could burst at any moment. By this time I was confessing to myself God didn’t care about me, how could he? and where was the evidence in my life. I was mad at him for creating me. I felt so hopeless and unloved and like I couldnt destroy my mindset because it was surely killing me. I couldnt think straight and my dreams were mostly negative so sleep wasnt that great for me. No matter what, my mind felt like insanity torture. I noticed my heart was trying to harden and thats when I was like, oh no this serious and has to stop, this is so much more than me right now. I couldnt deal with it in secret anymore. I was avoiding church for months bc I didnt want to breakdown in front of people even though I needed help and the enemy needed to be exposed. I knew it was the enemy now and I needed the full deliverance because it was something I knew I couldnt destroy by my own will or might at all. I failed everytime and would get mad at myself. It felt apart of me like how my head is attached to my neck. It just wouldnt go away and thats when I started thinking really and noticing similar issues in my family and started looking into Generational curses.

    After I finished reading your report along with others, I am pretty confident that – thats what is happening with me! it makes sense! and my eyes have been opened to many things. I think its always been there even when I was a child. As a teenager and young adult it just exposed itself even more.
    I blamed myself for so long because I wanted to take responsibility for my own self and not put it on anyone else but it soon became unbearable, everything was a struggle, and like I would be stuck like that despite all my efforts and genuine heart.
    I think my family has a curse something to do with mental state both mom and dad(as far as like a negative mind) also with relationships. especially relationships. Relationships of all kind. Family, Friends, Romantic, every kind. Its like they just fail out of nowhere and/or involve dysfunction like betrayal within and without the family and I know its not okay. So much Love lacks or theres none at all. Just like some families have random deaths or deaths out of nowhere? that’s my family but with relationships. And so I felt like a failure and not good enough because relationships around me failed suddenly and I think I developed a bad case with my mind from what was already there because I began to think that I’d fail at every relationship without doing anything wrong. I was scared of job interviews, etc. People literally get done the worst emotionally. Its so odd when I look at the relationships throughout my family and I know somethings wrong. I also read your comment about The Truman Show and I thought are we(my family) just constantly sent people to see how much they can hurt us and see if we’ll be destroyed by it? Its like a cycle and I refuse it in my life! It is so sad. Im not sure if I read anything that may explain any of this in your report and wanted to know about it. Sorry its long lol. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Jen. I don’t consider what I do here counseling. It’s more like a word of scriptural advice from a brother who cares about his brothers and sisters in Christ. I haven’t had time to respond to your comment as thoughtfully as I wanted just yet, but, God willing, I will in the next couple of days. So, please be patient, and the Lord keep you until then.

      Your servant,

  15. I am very grateful that I found one more believer in Jesus Christ who knows whats going on in this evil world and who responds so wisely. God is with you, dear brother.

  16. Hi Still Man. I appreciate your page on generational curses and your testimony very much. I consider myself a saved believer, but I have some issues that I was hoping you would be able to address about generational curses that I did not find on your page. I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you here. Is there any way I can contact you besides post mail?

        • Okay, just read your post. I would recommend may be reading about conflict management and some tips in terms of how to approach it from a loving, Biblical standpoint. I am happy to share my blog with you should any of it pertain to you. Best, Amelia

          • Hay Amelia,

            I appreciate the response. I actually did read your blog some time ago and it was helpful, thank you.

  17. Good Afternoon The Still Man, can I privately email you? I have some personal concern and questions that I would truly appreciate your input.

  18. Hi still man,

    What about all your children dates of births have double numbers of those occult numbers?

    Is that an indication of an a generational curse?

    Also this signature dates affects the dates of deaths in the family.

    does Nature conspire? does God allow this to happen?

    Thank you

  19. hi
    my father has been married to my mothers sister now for 28 years in that space of time i had a child out of wedlock but i am married now and saved by grace, my daughter has had a child out of wedlock and is still single and my half sister too had a child out of wedlock is this part of a generational curse on my fathers side please ?
    if so how do i break it off so it does not affect a fourth generation.
    plus myself and my daughter have had terrible relationship problems and i am wondering if this is part of a curse too ?

    • Hello, Lorraine.

      The Bible says that it is wrong for a man to marry his wife’s sister while his wife is still alive (Leviticus 19:18). If this is the case with your father, then he has committed fornication (sexual sin), which is an abomination in the eyes of God. Sex out of wedlock is also fornication; but, whether you and your daughter having children out of wedlock is the manifestation of a generational curse stemming from your father having married his sister-in-law, I cannot say with certainty. It would certainly appear to be the case, though.

      For the curse not to affect a fourth generation depends on your daughter and your granddaughter. If your granddaughter is still young and is still a virgin, then your daughter can break the curse of fornication on your family by confessing her own sexual sin, your sexual sin, and that of your father to the Lord Jesus and asking Him to forgive those sins, washing them away with the blood He shed on the cross at Calvary. The curse would then end with your daughter and your granddaughter and her children will be free of the curse. But, if your granddaughter is already of age and is sexually active, then she will be under the curse and would have to confess her own sins to end the curse with her. In any case, you and your daughter should accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior and confess the sin of fornication to Him and ask for His forgiveness. He will forgive you and deliver you from the sin of fornication.

      “Relationship problems” are a sign of sin, because what you ought to be having is marital problems. An old preacher in Atlanta used to say, “Jesus is the God of marriage; the devil is the god of ‘relationships.'” If you want to know how serious fornication is to God, consider that the Apostle Paul, speaking about young unmarried couples, says “If they cannot contain [keep their hands off each other], let them marry; for it is better to marry than to burn.”

      Even though you are saved, Lorraine, you still need to be delivered of the curse of sexual sin, as you will remain under this curse until you confess this sin and are delivered. This is especially important for you because you are now married. When one is under a curse, no matter how much he tries not to sin, he will not be able to stop completely because it is a curse. What I am trying to say as delicately as possible is that if you are not delivered, it is highly possible that you could commit adultery; and I know you don’t want to do that. God is trying to get your attention, Lorraine, and it seems He has done that. You stand before the door of a life-changing decision that many do not get. I pray you will do the right thing.

      Now, before you or your daughter confess any sins, I highly suggest that you read this article, which explains the Gospel. The Bible says that if we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in our heart that God has raised Him from the dead, then we would be saved. Please read the article and, if you are so lead, make Jesus your Savior and confess your sin and that of your father to Him. Then show the article to your daughter and discuss what you have learned with her. The Lord Jesus is waiting to forgive, save, deliver, and bless you and your daughter, Lorraine. I pray you will make the right decision.I’m always available should you have any questions or need any support with Gospel literature. My prayers go with you.

      Your servant in Christ Jesus,

  20. Re ‘Animal Rights and New World Order; Just come across this.
    Still Man? Well your brain is dear – it resides on the ignorance is bliss planet!
    Do the research re when certain parts of the bible were written and by whom don’t just quote what suits you whilst ignoring the opposite.
    It is an odd god you depict but then people like you shape your god from your own views and fears. Stop using the bible for your own ends – get your head out of your own end!

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