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  1. Hi, brother Still Man.

    I wanted to do a follow-up to just let you know again how important your ministry became to me and at the same time tell you how much my life’s improved since wintertime (although it’s still pretty unseasonably cold and snowy here to call it even early spring).

    There’s now an arrangement where I get to meet my daughter regularly and I’m going to have my car working as soon as next month, which is crucial to these meetings to take place, because she lives pretty far from me. I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve been studying the Bible more and even went to a big course-like Bible school of a few evangelists, whom I’m pleased to tell knew what they were talking about and taught according to the Bible, not (wo)man. (They were both women). I also try to go at least once a week to a Pentecostal ‘temple’ to pray for our city in a group and to praise in song (I love singing), but as I said earlier I never want to join them ‘officially’. Not that I’d have anything against them and they don’t go into questionable unbiblical things like some do, but I just feel more comfortable as a Protestant, a member of the Body of Christ, rather than any section. No pun intended.

    It’s just amazing to what lengths the Enemy has your enemies working on trying to keep you distracted. I can happily say, that the psychological warfare seems to have met a truce at the moment in my situation, so I’ve been building my faith in all areas as fervently as I can. I’m a sensitive, shy and value my privacy (well who doesn’t), so I’ve gotten to meet people more online, than in church -related surroundings and have met with people of similar interests and online bible studies and prayer meetings weekly via voice chat.

    IRL I’ve met people both old and young and evangelized to the best of my knowledge in every turn when the fact of me being born again has been brought up and met little resistance from individuals, whom knew me before. Quite the contrary. They like the new me better. My family’s also started to accept the fact and I believe it’s only due to the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit moving in!

    As it happens I even preached the gospel to a man, who was sent to my apartment to fix things when I saw an opportunity arise for it in January. There was a meaning to this, because after that the word had spread unbeknown to me. A former ‘street-friend’ of mine knew that repair man, to whom he had told of our encounter. And I couldn’t be happier he did. It has been the starter for many conversations with other ‘street-friends’, and I’ve felt a push into that direction to help save these people since I was saved.

    The Spirit moves so powerful sometimes I almost feel it’s out of my control, which is exactly what I’ve been praying for. I’ve even had former friends confess their belief to me. Some individuals have backslid and often struggling with things such as tobacco. Every time we talk they say there’s days they go without. I intend to do my part to help those days turn into weeks, into months, into years!

    It’s wonderful to hear from your voice, that not a single thing has managed to bring you down or slow you down. As always all the best to your whole family, especially your smaller soldiers of Christ, theirs is the future. It was a horrible thing to hear that racist thing, because we had a similar game translated “Who’s afraid of the black man?” as children in the 90s. In a city notoriously known back then for it’s neo-nazi uprising. Back then I was attacked a few times just for wearing baggy Wu-Tang -pants. And I’m white.

    You are all in my prayers.

    Your brother in Christ,

    • Hey, Matti.

      I’m grateful to hear that things are looking up for you, and that’s great news about your daughter! Keep your head up, man, and take advantage of every opportunity to share your faith with others. Thanks for the encouragement and for your prayers for me and the family: we can sure use them!

      God bless you, brother.