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Beast Watch: Pope Francis Once Again Admits That The Roman Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon — 2 Comments

  1. and Semiramis is really Eve.

    Is Adam the beast? Is his image “The Life Giver”? Kinda Like God Right?
    Brought a son into the world?
    Is Eve the other beast? Did they see the animals do the sex and make the baby in the garden?
    Did the serpent in Eve’s heart say to her “The fruit of my body is desirable to make one wise? Did Adam make love to Eve immediately after eating the fruit?

    Did they become enemies on the day they decided to bring children into the world by their own doing?

    Is the Mystery of Babylon, the story of “Man being in honor (the life giver, the father) who understandeth not, are like the beasts that perish”?

    “Ephraim, as I saw Tyrus is planted in a good land ” (Amerikkka-“The glory of all lands”) But, Ephraim shall BRING FORTH HIS CHILDREN TO THE MURDERER”

    To Whom will he bring forth his children?

    To Man.

    Child will be “educated” lies about “the world” in School.
    Child will be taught that man is the authority.

    Son…..Obey Man, he is your master.

  2. Did The Mighty King Of Jacob say HE was a jealous God?
    His name is Jealousy.

    What would God be jealous of?

    Was Adam a father?
    Life Giver?

    Is every “religion” on earth giving honor to Adam Vishnu Apollo & Eve Mary Shiva?

    Was The Lord Thy God just a little bit jealous of Eve?

    Thats like me, a guy and his Father in the garden of HIS Word, always peering out at the world wondering… wondering about finding a nice woman and start a family.

    “That which is highly esteemed amongst men is abomination in the sight of God”.

    The world says “find a mate and make a family”
    What if I bring forth a child and never teach him of God?

    I suppose in that case, I would become that childs “master” and probably the Lord Thy God would be jealous of my newly assumed position sitting on HIS throne in this childs life?

    The mystery is hidden in plain sight…life and good, death and evil.
    Bring forth children unto Death? or does a set apart Holy Child get brainwash educated, relentlessly vaccinated, taught to hunt eggs at easter (Ishtar Eve, EGG/womb), not taught of The Lord Thy God?