This book will open your eyes to the huge problem of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children in America. Written by former Nebraska state senator, John DeCamp, it is the true story of the connection between politics, drugs, homosexuality, Satanism, and child abuse.  

The book also exposes a link between all of the above and Boys Town, USA: an organization run by the Roman Catholic church.  You will be amazed that you never heard this talked about on television.  Unfortunately, this link was not fully investigated, and, thus, a very important factor in the whole Franklin affair was dropped.

Once you have read this book, you may have a difficult time trusting anyone ever again–especially our elected officials and the media.

In 1993, a British film crew went to Omaha, Nebraska to document an alleged pedophile ring linked to the Franklin scandal.  Their documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, was due to be aired on the Discovery Channel, but, at the last minute, the show was pulled and never aired.  Click here to see the documentary.