I originally wrote these gospel tracts for the American Tract Society (ATS), which was later acquired by Crossway Publishing. Crossway chose not to continue the tracts, but was gracious enough to return the rights back to me.  I now make them available to you free of charge.  Please feel free to print them out and distribute them, if you wish.

Click the links to download the tract.  

Disclaimer: I submitted the tracts to ATS using Scripture references from the King James Version.  ATS, however, chose to use the New International Version (NIV), which we do not consider to be the Word of God. We believe, however, that the message of these tracts far outweighs this deficiency, and we beg your pardon.

No More Heroes addresses the hero worshipping culture that is destroying our young people.


 I Dont Need A Man addresses the devastating effects of the Feminist Movement not only on women, but on marriages and society.

I don't need a man

We hope you will be blessed by this material.

The Still Man


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