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  1. The sad part is god does not see white or black or asian, he sees us all as one race, the human race and we are all his children to divide us by the color of our skin or hair is foolish we all are brothers and sisters and we all share the same family tree, Caucasins are the decentdents of Japeth and Africans are decendents of Ham, I asume Asians are decendents of Shem, but despite our difernce we are all still brothers and sisters and god loves each and everyone of us, he all wants us to be in heavan with him, but hte vile church of lies and the haters, will always try to prevent us from loving one an other. For you see god is not hate he is love, he will not hate your for being white or black or asian he will love you for who you are. But alas as long as people hate each other satan will win, but what we as folowers of jesus can do is spread the loving word of god.

    Sean B

    With the Grace of God

    • Not to sound overly dramatic
      but i kinda felt writing this
      but when his name shall be felt in the hearts of all the decendents of noah shall true paradice begin, when idolaters burn their idols and praise the son of god, when the people of the koran forsake mohamad, and praise the son of god, when the people of the east throw their stautes of the buddah and praise the son of god, when the godless see the error of their ways and give there hearts to our lord and saoivr, then god shall smite satan and drive back the darkness and bring eternal light”

      what you think ?

    • Now I see at the end of your article that you posted a post script stating that Pope Francis is the biblical False prophet. At first, your KJV only stance was the only thing that bothered me about you. But the more I read from you, the more I am disturbed. You are attempting to predict things that for one don’t need to be predicted and two, can’t be predicted. I have not fully perused your site, but have you predicted the date of the second coming of Christ? Although, I did see where you state the rapture is a false doctrine, so are you saying Christ is NOT coming back again? Hmmm, people, be very careful what you read from the “still man”.

      • Norm, Jesus put all these things in the Bible, because He wants His people to know what is coming. I didn’t “predict” these things, Jesus revealed (hence the Book of the REVELATION) these things to his servants through the Apostle John. In the Gospel according to John, Jesus tells his disciples that henceforth he would call them friends, instead of servants, because He told them everything He does (and is going to do), whereas a master doesn’t tell his servants everything he does (John 14:15). In the military, the practice of giving information to some people and not to others based on whether they need to know is known as “Need to Know.” Jesus has told us what is to come, BECAUSE WE NEED TO KNOW. We would be fools not to consider what Jesus has to say about future events, especially when He is the One who is going to bring these things about, and He has been Good enough to tell us about them in advance!

        Jesus told His people about these things in advance so that when they come to pass, we might believe (John 14:29). I believe that this also applies to the unsaved. The Bible says that God does not do anything unless He first reveals what He is going to do to His prophets. Most Christians (including myself) are not prophets. BUT WE DO HAVE A PROPHETIC BOOK. Let me tell you one important purpose of this book: TO WARN THE UNSAVED. There is scarcely a person alive who would not like to know what is going to happen in the future. I believe that many, who choose to reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ now, will reconsider later, when they see many things come to pass that are predicted in the Bible. That is why several times, when street preaching, my sermons have lasted less than five minutes: for all I have said is that when the government tells you to take a mark either on your right hand or on your forehead, you should reject that mark, if you want to miss God’s coming judgment upon mankind. Telling someone what is coming–especially something as huge as a universal mark that will work like paper money and that accepting or rejecting will spell life or death–would only serve to validate the credibility of the person who told of that mark beforehand.

        That is what I seek to do: validate the Lord Jesus and His Gospel, and, hopefully, WIN SOME SOULS FOR JESUS, by telling people the future, according to the Word of the Lord Jesus.

        The so-called Rapture is a false doctrine. The Resurrection, however, is not.

        You have admonished people very correctly, and I commend you for it: “Be very careful what you read from The Still Man.” Check everything I say with the Holy Bible, and use your own discernment, a measure of which has been given to every believer. If what I say does not line up with Scripture, then THROW IT OUT. But if it does, then you would do well to listen, as your very soul may depend on it.

      • Have you ever heard of the Prophecy of the Popes?
        Benedict XVI can’t be “the” Antichrist.

        • The “Prophecy of the Popes” has been duping people for years. It is a “strong delusion” and is not biblical. Pope Benedict XVI is the Antichrist, as the article clearly proves. At any rate, we will find out soon enough. Trust me.